Date Posted
21st Nov 2022

Most Inspirational Gymnasts 2022

All of the awards at the HGA Annual Awards Night are voted on by our coaching team, except for one, the Most Inspirational Gymnast Award. The Most Inspirational Gymnast is voted on by our competitive gymnasts from level 3 up. Our gymnasts are asked to fill out a nomination form for a fellow competitive gymnast from any class that has inspired them throughout the year with their training ethic, good attitude, and team support, or for any positive, inspiring impact they have made on their fellow athletes or HGA as a whole.

All nominations are anonymous and the winner is the athlete who receives the most votes from their peers.

This year a massive 19 athletes were nominated. It makes us so proud that so many of our athletes are providing such a positive team environment for our gymnasts and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the incredible things our gymnasts had to say about their teammates.

Zoe G - Winner

"If someone is having a tough day, she always cheers them up. She is really supportive and encouraging. Zoe works really hard and has a great training ethic. She is a very good role model."

Hayley D

"Hayley has been my most consistent teammate for the majority of my competitive HGA gymnastics. Hayley is an amazing and hardworking friend and role model for me to not only look up to but talk to in and outside of training. I will always look up to Hayley, especially as a gymnast."

Joshua M

"Josh works hard at making each training amazing for everyone! I always know I can tell anything to Josh and he will help me through."

Melodee E

"Mel is very encouraging and supportive. When skills don't go her way she doesn't get mad she perseveres until she gets the skill or close to it."

Holly D

"Whether a good day or a bad day, Holly always has a positive attitude, a smile, and an encouraging word. She tries her best always and is always ready to motivate other gymnasts no matter if they are doing a skill she is also struggling with or can't do."

Ellie M

"Ellie is always working hard, she is very nice and very funny."

Sienna B

"Sienna inspires me to work hard to move up to her level and group, I want to be like her."

Georgia-Alice B

"Georgia-Alice always comes to gym with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is always willing to try new skills and she doesn't give up."

Sophie T

"Sophie has a great work ethic!"

Kiera S

"Kiera is a hard worker, always shows up, is determined to be the best she can, and has always encouraged me to be the best I can."

Emily W

"Emily tries her hardest in every skill."

Poppy C

"She is inspiring and never gives up no matter how tough the situation is."

Madelin B

"Madelin is kind and cheerful. She is inspiring because she keeps trying no matter what, she always supports me and pushes me to try my hardest." 

Isabel R

"Isabel is always working hard."

Lillian R

"Lillian is always persistent, even if she doesn't land something she gets back up and tries again."

Hayley B

"Hayley has a great training ethic and takes on corrections well. She is always at training, has a great attitude, and isn't afraid to give anything a go."

Jorgia E

"Jorgia trains so hard and she always encourages me on beam and all my other apparatuses."

Adalyn B

"Adalyn inspired me to do gymnastics, she is very nice and helps to keep me going in my skills."

Zara J

"Zara trains hard and always tries new skills. She always motivates others to do their best and always turns up with a smile on her face."

Congratulations to all of our nominated athletes, keep up the great work!

*some nominations have been edited for clarity*