Safety Guidelines - 2022


Hobart Gymnastics Academy is committed to the health and safety of all members and is following current Tasmanian Public Health guidelines and protocols in relation to the prevention and management of COVID-19 cases within the gym.

Arrive ready to train

  • Gymnasts are requested to arrive no more than 5 mins (competitive) or 10 mins (recreational) prior to their allotted training time.
  • All members are asked to arrive ready to train; dressed in training attire, water bottle full, clean socks in hand.

Drop off/Pick up guidelines

  • Once gymnasts are checked in by reception, parents/carers/responsible adults are encouraged to leave them in the care of Academy staff.
  • Parents/carers/responsible adults are required to be at the Academy promptly for collection of their athletes from either the area outside the front entry or inside the foyer/reception area.
  • No gymnast is permitted to leave the premises without a responsible adult.
  • Gymnasts are not permitted to cross the carpark without a responsible adult.


In line with Tasmanian Public Health update on 11 March 2022, masks are no longer required to be worn in ‘gyms and indoor sport recreation areas’. For further information about the requirements for mask wearing, please visit the Coronavirus Tasmania webpage.


Viewing Area

Seating in the Academy viewing area and canteen is limited, spectators are asked to consider the following:

  • Remaining in the foyer area/outside until 5 minutes after your child’s class commencement time to allow spectators and gymnasts from previous classes to exit.
  • Storing all gymnast belongings in the pigeon holes/storage units to remove any trip hazards in common walkways.
  • Limit spectators to one or two per family or consider only spectating fortnightly.

Stay home if unwell

Families are reminded that our ability to provide gymnastics classes relies on the availability of our coaching staff. Our coaches are required to stay at home if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and we request that members, families and visitors do the same.

The main COVID-19 symptoms are:

  • fever (or signs of fever, including chills or night sweats)
  • cough
  • sore/itchy throat
  • runny nose
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of taste or smell

COVID-19 can also cause the following symptoms, on their own or with other symptoms:

  • headaches
  • muscle and joint pain
  • nausea/feeling sick, vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue/extreme tiredness

Personal Hygiene

  • On arrival at the Academy, members, visitors and staff are requested to use the hand sanitiser provided or to wash their hands with soap and water in one of the bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the entry to the Academy, and at the entry and exit to the training area and at several stations on the gym floor.
  • Parents/carers/responsible adults are urged to educate gymnasts on the importance of personal hygiene and use of hand sanitiser


Hobart Gymnastics Academy undertakes to follow all guidelines for regular/daily cleaning and sanitising the Academy facility and equipment.

High touch surfaces

  • Cleaning protocols and guidelines are implemented daily with on-going cleaning and disinfecting being undertaken of frequently touched surfaces in line with manufacturer’s protocols, particularly for gymnastics equipment.
  • Where gymnastics equipment cannot be suitably cleaned due to the potential damage cleaning solutions may cause to the equipment, gymnasts and coaches will be required to sanitise the part of the body that comes into contact with the equipment before using the apparatus.

General Cleaning

  • The Academy is cleaned every weekday morning by contract cleaners with COVID-19 cleaning accreditation

Contact Tracing

The Academy is no longer required to keep a record of attendees at the gym. Attendance of athletes is still recorded for Academy records.


The Academy is guided by Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Tasmania on the matter of vaccination and the Board of Directors encourages eligible staff, members and visitors to be vaccinated in line with Tasmanian Public Health guidelines.

Case and outbreak management

Hobart Gymnastics Academy will adhere to the relevant Tasmanian Public Health guidelines and protocols in relation to the management of COVID-19 cases within the gym, including the necessary notification of Academy members.

Please be aware that, in a situation where we are unable to cover a coach (or coaches) who are unable to attend the Academy, classes may be merged and lessons adjusted to accommodate the change of supervision. We will do our utmost to ensure that our athletes experience the least amount of impact to their training schedules.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact reception via phone or email.

t: 03 6263 3460   |   e:

Updated 25 May 2022