Trampoline Bouncers

This class is an introduction to Trampoline Gymnastics for children from 5 years of age. Participants will learn the basic skills and requirements for two of the three Trampoline disciplines – Trampoline (TRP) and Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT). This class provides exercise, discipline and challenge in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment.

Fabulous for a range of children including those who love to bounce, those who enjoy a challenge, and those who want to have fun!

Trampoline Saulters

A progression from Trampoline Bouncers, this class focuses on skill and routine development for Trampoline and Double Mini-Trampoline.

Participants of the Trampoline Saulters class are introduced to the requirements of competition without the pressure of having to compete. These classes introduce participants to the skills and progressions of Gymnastics Australia’s Levels Program.

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