KinderGym is Gymnastics Australia’s Launchpad movement-based learning experience and at Hobart Gymnastics Academy we cater for children from toddlers to 5 years of age.

Our program assists young children to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively with many activities designed to stimulate coordination, sharing and school-readiness. The environment at the Academy is multi-sensory and safe, and our qualified team provides a welcoming and encouraging experience.

Within this age group there is a broad range of developmental levels, our program is divided into three groups within classes (numbers permitting).

  • Silver Seals is our first stage; these are our youngest gymnasts and caregivers are required to assist with their participation
  • Orange Otters is the second stage; these gymnasts are encouraged to start participating without as much caregiver support, developing the confidence to try new challenges
  • Purple Pandas is the final stage; before moving on to our other gymnastics programs, these gymnasts are challenged further and are expected to participate without a caregiver

KinderGym is a great way to initiate your child's coordination and future activity. After all, gymnastics is to sport, what the alphabet is to reading!

Check our Schedule for class times.