About Us

Hobart Gymnastics Academy Inc. (HGA) is a not-for-profit community-based sporting body owned and operated by members since December 1993.

The Academy is an incorporated body run by a board of Directors. Our aims are to:

  • provide opportunities for members to enhance their lifestyle through a physical activity that builds confidence and improves physical fitness
  • equip community members with physical, social and team-building skills, assisting children, teenagers and adults to improve their self-esteem and increase their social development
  • provide an opportunity for teenagers and young adults to develop leadership skills
  • contribute to the growth and development of the sport of gymnastics by providing a safe, rewarding, enjoyable and affordable environment.

HGA is a family-oriented sporting body, providing opportunities for children from toddlers through to adults.

We have a full range of equipment to cater for our programs and coaches are accredited under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme administered by the Australian Sports Commission.

We also provide a Trainee Program for both Coaches and Judges to assist teenagers and young adults develop leadership skills.

The basic philosophy of the Academy is that all gymnasts should enjoy their gymnastics and be allowed to achieve to the fullest of their potential.

As an organisation providing Gymnastics facilities and programs, HGA possesses a duty of care towards its members. Our Academy rules and codes of behaviour are in place to assist in providing a safe training environment and to enable all members to enjoy their gymnastics.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

Michele Green is the Hobart Gymnastics Academy MPIO and she is available to provide advice and feedback to the club on its Member Protection responsibilities and to assist club members by providing information about their rights, responsibilities and options in regard to making a complaint or raising a concern. Michele can be contacted on 0407 812 362.

All Academy staff have their 'Working with Children' checks as per the State legislation requirements. The qualifications of our coaching staff range from Trainee, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Silver and FIG coaches. All of our classes are run by accredited experienced coaches.