Confidence is a huge part of growing up, My girls have been given the opportunity to build a strong foundation of confidence and pride, they both have a head start in life now. Self-confidence transcends out of the gym and into everyday life. Without the positive influences from such a loving and devoted group of people here at HGA they may have not had this opportunity at such a young age, thankyou


All the girls really support each other, gymnastics has helped with confidence. HGA is such a friendly place and Lea has made heaps of friends. The coaches are great, Lea loves everything about gymnastics and hates missing a class.


Seeing Lily change from a nervous little girl, fearful of falling, a fear of heights and unsure of her capabilities physically has made me see the benefits of gymnastics. Educating the mind and body, the connection between the two. The dedication of the instructors that freely give up their time is to be commended, they have my admiration and gratitude.


HGA is a nurturing environment for children to gain confidence in their abilities. The Kindergym program allows my 4 year old to take a leadership role whilst learning new skills that will not only help in future gymnastics classes but with his overall development. The Development Squads are paced with the children's development in mind. The options for children within HGA are amazing, as is the level of support and encouragement from within the Academy.


My kids loved the Kindergym, GymStarz, and Extension Squad classes. They are far more adventurous and confident in moving their bodies than they were before starting gymnastics.


The Academy is such a friendly and welcoming place. The coaching staff are very helpful and my children love to watch them compete and learn from them. HGA has taught my kids how amazing they can be by doing things they never thought they could do. They have made some wonderful friends and they have learnt how important it is to help out and volunteer.


Gymnastics has done wonders for Kimberley's overall fitness, strength and coordination. She really enjoys the Academy's atmosphere and the friendships she has made within.