Date Posted
17th Sep 2022

WAG Junior Tas Clubs and State Championships Wrap-up

Junior Tas Clubs Competition

The competitive season for our WAG Junior Squads continued on the 20th -21st of August with Tasmanian State Clubs held in Devonport. Our Level 3-6 gymnasts made the journey up north for their second competition of the year.

The girls had a fantastic competition and, once again, their incredible sportspersonship shone. The girls encouraged and supported their own teammates and also cheered on gymnasts from other clubs.

Special mentions to:

Level 3 - Division B

Black team - 3rd on Vault 

Black team - 6th on Floor 

Black Team - 6th Overall

Level 5 - Division B 

2nd on Vault

2nd on Floor

3rd Overall

Level 5 - Division A

3rd on Bars

3rd on Beam

Junior State Championships

Three weeks later on September 10th and 11th our Level 3-6 girls headed to Kingston for Tasmanian Junior State Championships. This is the biggest competition for Junior WAG gymnasts in Tasmania and combines individual and team events. Junior State Championships are divided by level and age group.

All gymnasts had an awesome competition and should be very proud of their efforts. Many gymnasts came away with personal bests and places.

Special mentions to:

Level 3

Level 3 (7 years and under)

Olivia - 6th on Vault

Ava - 6th on Bars

Shayla-Ann - 4th on Bars, 6th on Floor

Level 3 (8 years)

Gracie - 6th on Vault

Level 3 (9-10 years)

Frankie - equal 5th on Vault and Bars

Level 4

Level 4 (10-11 years)

Lillian - 2nd on Vault, 5th Overall

Hayley - 4th on Beam

Ava - equal 4th on Floor

Team - 4th Overall

Level 5

Level 5 (10 years and under)

Sienna - 4th on Vault

Level 5 (11-12 years)

Amber - equal 6th on Vault, 1st on Beam, 6th Overall

Lara - 3rd on Bars

Jorgia - 1st on Bars, 6th on Beam, equal 4th Overall

Level 5 (13 years and over)

Sophie - equal 5th on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 1st on Beam, 5th on Floor, 2nd Overall

Level 5 Team Maroon - 4th Overall

Level 6

Holly - 2nd on Bars, 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor, 2nd Overall

This competition doubled as an optional Level 7-10 competition, both HGA athletes in this competition achieved grading scores for a new level. Congratulations Hayley and Georgia-Alice!

Congratulations to all gymnasts on such a successful Junior Competition Season. A big thank you goes out to all the coaches and judges for all your hard work and dedication.